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Screenplays curently in development:

  • Open in Time
    • James Boyer, a veteran whose life is in shambles, travels back from our time to Nazi Occupied Poland. With nothing left to lose, Boyer searches for millions in stolen gold... but finds he must instead choose between love... or money!

  • Inherent Responsibility
    • Single parent and accountant, Coley Granger, is a glasses wearing, practical man who works in a grey, government office building, in the Lottery Department, Audits Division. Granger's immediate supervisor passes away suddenly of heart failure ("Man! How could that be? He was the most physically fit person I knew!"), landing Granger an unwanted promotion into his dead boss's position.
      When he starts checking some of the lottery receipts and his dead boss's research and figures, Granger finds that the first, multi-national, multi billion dollar lottery game has some discrepencaies... discrepancies that someone has tried to bury and that his boss was in the process of uncovering.
      Suddenly, people start dying around him and when an explosion kills his Audit Division colleague, Granger takes his daughter and goes on the run, knowing a terrible secret that will keep him and his ten year old in danger...

  • Twenty Five
    • Four men meet... the first is twenty-five years old, the second is fifty years old, the third is seventy-five years old and the fourth is one hundred years old... and they're all the same man.

  • Gloves
    • Barbara Ryan, a strikingly beautiful, intelligent woman in her late twenties will, for no reason that's immediately apparent, put on gloves at odd times at odd times during her day.

      Ryan's a Doctor of pathology, and she does autopsies for the government. She used to teach forensic Science at the local university, but abruptly quit after working in the [cadaver cutting room].

      She was married once before, three years earlier, but it only lasted three months when she suddenly filed for a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

      Ryan now works alone and lonely in the forensics lab where she and a much older, married make colleague perform autopsies for the state crime lab. He is constantly reminding her to wear her gloves.

      The doctor dates, but she never commits and is lonely. She always wears gloves on her dates.

      When asked Ryan confides in the older man that she wants a normal life with a husband and kids... much like what he has.

      She decides to trust the older man... and she tells her story.

      An incident occurred is when she was teaching, while engaged to her first husband.

      Ryan was teaching autopsies that day. We see she was then a much brighter and youthfully optimistic person. That day, she forgot to wear her gloves when she began her autopsy in front of a group of students. As she began with the procedure, the female, suicide corpse's hand suddenly grabbed her ungloved hand and squeezes the it. The corpse's eyes flashed open and the head comes up, then drops back, dead again. This startles Doctor Ryan and students, but it is attributed to reflexes in the fresh corpse.

      Ryan reads the case file of the female corpse she just autopsied. Included in the file was the female's suicide note: "I can't bear the loneliness anymore. I am cursed. I see no other way to give up this curse. I am so lonely."

      After that autopsy incident, Ryan started to have, what she calls, mild seizures. Here is the cause and symptoms: When she sees a male with whom she's attracted, when her hand touches his, she has a light, momentary seizure. During the seizure, she has a rapid, fast-forward 'vision' of her future with the man.

      She experienced her first 'seizure' when she met her fiancée for dinner. She reached out to touch his hand and had a fast-forward vision of their future life together.

      The vision was not good. In the vision, Ryan and her fiancée, now husband, have four kids. He's drunk, abusive and he can't keep a job. The children are desperate and miserable, as is Ryan. In the fallout of trying to save this disastrous marriage, Ryan destroys her career and has her professional credentials revoked. She sees that this disaster starts soon after they marry and he calls her a name and strikes her. She attributes the vision to a hallucination and blows it off.

      She marries him. He becomes angry and starts to show a drinking problem. One night, he comes home and calls her the name and strikes her... just like she saw in the vision. That's why she divorced him.

      Ryan learned to touch the hand of the men she dated after that, to have a 'future vision.' None of the men to whom she was attracted, destructive playboys, provided her a positive vision. After so many 'first dates,' she realized she was becoming desperate and bitter. Ryan started wearing gloves to block the intimacy (and seizure visions) of the men she dated, attempting to actually enjoy the dates, without the future visions.

      Eventually, she stopped dating all together.

      Her colleague doesn't believe her, and leaves, leaving the impression that he thinks she's nutz.

      Later, she meets a man who she's not initially attracted. She feels he's wrong is so many ways. The man is beneath her class and out of her league. But his is nice to her and courts her. She accepts his request for a date. Her first date in years. She wears her gloves to the date.

      They date a few times, and she falls for him. (He fell for her at first sight). Eventually, she is brave and removes her gloves. She touches his hand...


      She touches his hand again. Squeezes his hand. He is startled, but enjoys this.

      Later they marry.

      Fifty years later. a mortician is preparing an old lady's body for burial. The corpse is Doctor Ryan. He is young and sad. The old lady's corpse reaches out and grabs his wrist and he has a mild seizure. He sees the old lady before she died. He sees that she has died happy, living a full, long life, with many kids and a rich and happy existence and history. She is ready to join her wonderful husband of fifty years who proceeded her in death just a month before.

      He sees the old lady telling him that "It's a gift not to know."

      He removes his gloves.

      THEME: It's not a curse, it's a gift not to know. One must be patient for the right person, the right match, to come along. Not knowing is better than knowing.

There's more screenplays in the 'hopper.'
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